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Tabula Whosa?

Ok, I am now officially excited about an upcoming MMORPG. Which one? Tabula Rasa, of course. Why?

First, because its Richard Garriott’s (Lord British to us game afficionados) new game for Destinatin Games. DG is NCSoft’s Austin-based development group. NCSoft has had a lot of MMORPG success with Lineage and now City of Heroes. Second, and this one is key, its NACFS (not another crappy fantasy setting), it will be SF based! Woo hoo! Read on my SF MMORPG friend…

In reading the article, it appears that Garriott and crew have taken pains to alleviate all the mind-numbing aspects of MMORPGs, and tried to leave in only the crunchy gaming goodness. Certainly they’ve come up with some unique ideas. Witness:

  • Emphasis on decreasing travel and group assembly time. Everyone has the ability to teleport to a friend, its inherent.
  • Everyone starts with a house. You can virtually link these houses to form a hub for your group. And these houses are instanced.
  • Everyone gets a monthly stipend to spend on their house.
  • An emphasis on 4 – 6 man adventuring teams, and guilds will be a collection of teams.
  • Three classes of missions cover PvE and consensual PvP. There are some interesting ideas for team-based PvP action.
  • The death penalties are chosen by the player upon each death, but you never lose experience or levels or items.
  • The unique ‘save point’ system to allow for playing different archetypes. This one is really interesting.
  • Everything about your appearance can be changed and this includes loot drops.
  • A unique fighting system that rewards using different moves on an opponent. It also will have some cinematic aspects from fighting games like Soul Caliber.
  • And lastly, the daring idea to go with a brand spanking new SF setting and story.

Now I realize this is a gamble for Garriott and NCSoft. SF themes MMORPGs haven’t done well, with Earth and Beyond (which I played for 6 months before the grind got me) recently being canceled. SF just doesn’t have the drawing power of Fantasy, but looking at the screenshots, it looks it could be viewed as fantasy since I never saw any laser pistols or spaceship or any of the usual tropes of SF. I think this may be a wise move. But I still like that stuff. Anyway, I couldn’t find a home page for it, but I did find a fan site that looks promising. For more on Garriott and his move from Origins to NCSoft, see this interview.

I’ll be there to sign up for the beta!

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10 Comments on Tabula Whosa?

  1. Wow, another MMO game that excites JP! The game does look promising. I just have one comment: JP, are you sure this is a SF game? All the screenshots look like fantasy people in futuristic clothing… maybe you’re a closet fantasy lover who’s in denial… πŸ˜›

  2. Read the article Pete, you’ll see the background is pure SF. Which is why I mentioned the combat looks like fantasy because its all hand to hand with some bow-like ranged combat. I didn’t see any SF-y combat stuff.

    If the fantasy game is different enough, I’m willing to give it a try. I haven’t seen one yet though…

  3. I did read, the spin is SF, i just meant that the pictures look like fantasy, so it gave me an opening to give you a hard time about your disdain for fantasy…

  4. Remember the old saying: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”. This way, you can have your SF cake but pretend its fantasy….

  5. And Lord British is the son of what famous person?

  6. is it Baron Beef Wellington?

  7. Sorry Pete, his dad is/was an astronaut. With time in both Skylab and Spacelab to his credit. Owen Garriott is his name. What? You’ve never heard of him? You need to pay more attention!

  8. Yeah, famous is isn the eye of the beholder I guess.

    Richard Garriott lived nearby where JP and I grew up here – he even came to the local PC users group a few times. All this establishes is that while I was an uber geek for being there, Lord British was as well.

    Oh, and he took the name Lord British as his BBS handle, then kept using it in his game.

  9. That Lord British guy just won’t leave us alone. First, he lives around here while we were going to high school, then he follows us to Austin while we go to UT, then he creates an MMORPG to get us to play online with him! What’s up with that guy?

  10. Yeah, and in the meantime he became rich and we became, um, well, not rich.

    — stolen from MobyGames —

    His Haunted-House Halloween parties were legendary: Every two years, Garriott invited a throng of guests to his former house in Austin, Texas, which had nice architectural features like secret doors and a dungeon. Visitors were welcomed by the host with the phrase ?Your time has come!? and led on a creepy tour through the specially prepared mansion. In the late 90s, Garriott decided that his home was too small, and had a castle build on a 25,000 square foot estate. The building is located near a cliff and features a moat, dungeons and a secret underground passage to the foot of the rock. The costs are rumored to have been about 25 million dollars.

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