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The 10 Best SF Film Directors

Here’s a nice & lengthy article from Strange Horizons on The Ten Best Science Fiction Film Directors. [Link via Via Big Dumb Object]

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1 Comment on The 10 Best SF Film Directors

  1. Let’s see:

    Kubrick – No problem here. All 3 films he mentions are great, although I’m not Dr. Strangelove is SF. I guess, looking at it now, it could be considered alternate history.

    Cronenberg – Um, ok. I disagree here. Cronenberg, to me, has always been about gross-out effects and how far he can push the man/machine integration. I found eXistenZ, story-wise, to be a poor attempt at the worlds within worlds genre. I will say the look of his films is different, and cool, but I find, overall, his stuff to be barely watchable.

    Senor Spielbergo – I’d rate him higher than Cronenberg any day. CEot3K, ET, Indy, AI, Minority Report. Good stuff here.

    Gilliam – Again, I’d put him above Cronenberg. I’ve always liked his stuff, even if it is bizzarre and he re-uses a lot of visual looks (retro-future).

    Cameron – Terminator an Aliens. What more do you need? I’d also like to say the director’s cut of The Abyss is an uncovered gem of a SF movie. The hacked up verision shown in the theaters completely destroyed the aliens storyline and made the movie into a lame film. The re-worked film is much butter and the ending is a lot cooler. Above Cronenberg? Yeah. See a pattern here?

    Scott – Blade Runner and Alien. Definately belongs. Above Cronenberg. But you knew that.

    the other guys I can’t comment on since I haven’t seen their stuff. Although this makes me want to go rent the movies and watch them.

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