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What An Incredible Opportunity

I’ve been so blessed by an incredible opportunity that I hesitated until now to reveal to my blogging friends. As usual, it’s a bit off-topic for me, but given the immense opportunity here, I feel that it’s more than justified. I feel that this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to leave all of my financial worries behind that I’m, now, compelled to share with my dearest blogmates and all of our loyal fans.

Below is a well-written polite invitation for me to share in this gentleman’s fortune and I feel just absolutely blessed. It was addressed to me at one of my many email addresses. Given the proper use of the English language, this gentleman’s pedigree must be impeccable and therefore I feel that the authenticity of this proposal must be equally beyond reproach; so I submit it for your approval.

Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 18:49:13 +0100 (BST)

From: “Daniel Chea” <>

Subject: Greetings from Daniel Chea.

To: [addressed to me]


My name is Daniel Chea. I am the former minister of defense of former President Charles Taylor of Liberia.I want to let you know that I have a huge amount of money that I want to invest with you as long as you can maintain trust and secrecy.

A month before we left the office, a huge amount of money was handed over to me for purchasing of arms from Germany.(US$600 Million) to arrange Arms for the big fight against rebels force before we were ordered to step down and move out of Liberia by America and the head of ECOWAS countries, Immediately I notice the fall of President Charles Taylor, I quickly arranged and moved the fund out of Liberia through a Diplomatic courier service for safe keeping in a security vault in Europe. Where the money is currently deposited.

Currently, I am out of Liberia and decided to hide in West Africa Ghana Accra.Without the knowledge of Charles Taylor, for security reasons.Therefore I am soliciting for your help to secure this fund properly into your account for joint investment between you and I so long as we can be honest with each other. I am going to make you a beneficiary to the funds as to enable you retrieve the cash out from the security vault in Europe. Waiting for your urgent response.

Call me on telephone number 00233-244051758 or email me as soon as you receive this message. Do also furnish me with your private telephone numbers.

Best Regards

I can only hope that Mr. Chea would be understanding and would value the trust that I place on my friends so he too can share this enormous undertaking with them as well.

I invite, especially, the United State Federal Bureau of Investigation to verify Mr. Chea’s telephone number for me before I embark on this most momentous journey.

I hope everyone can feel the excitement that I feel about this, and cannot wait to get started.

6 Comments on What An Incredible Opportunity

  1. Congratulations?sounds like you’re in, Pete. The chicks dig the guys with access to money earmarked for dealing with rebel insurgencies. I think I read a Kate Beckinsale (sorry, had to look up the spelling) interview where she said that her turn-ons were sensitivity, broad shoulders and guys who, through email, enter into joint investments with ?truly honest? men who formerly held Ministers of Defense positions with west-African countries. Way to go!

  2. I wonder why they stopped at $600 million. I mean, why not go straight to $6 billion, or $6 trillion. Oh, but thoe numbers wouldn’t be believable I guess :).

    Just for fun, check out

  3. Now that site was somewhat funny, but not great – on the other hand, this site, is hilarious. Especially look where the guy got somebody in Nigeria to have their picture taken with a sign that says ‘I take it up the arse’ before they would do the deal. Totally awesome.

    Oh, and then he got the Nigerean guy to send him a $20 bill – which he did, costing him $21 in postage! Truly amazing!

  4. I get about twenty of these letters a day. In fact, I put a posting up about one of the new variants that I got several times yesterday.

    There seems to be a heck of a lot of money floating around in this world that people need help in redirecting!


  5. Normally, I wouldn’t have bothered because I know that everyone get them all the time. This one stood out because it’s the first one that’s written in perfect English (no misspellings), and it came from what looked like a semi-normal looking email address (granted, it’s yahoo). But what was really interesting is that it had a “phone number,” don’t know or care if it’s legit which I’ve never seen before either. So either they’re getting bolder or just more desperate. Oh, and this one tried to use real current events instead of some nebulous reference to some non-existent country.

  6. That SOB! He promised me that this was an exclusive offer to me. Willing to split?

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