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Where was this 18 years ago?

It seems that more universities are now offering degrees in computer game design. If I were just entering college now, I would seriously look at this and not necessarily from a coder’s point of view. I’d like to get into the design aspect of the games and/or the marketing and community relations aspects as well. I think with things like wikis and blogs there is an opportunity for a game, specifically an MMOG, to expand beyond the tradition emal/forums method of communication with its community.

Then I’d want to play them.

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  1. I feel the same about all the science fiction courses I run across, though none lead to an “sf degree”. Still, how cool would it be to read sf classics instead of stuff like Wuthering Heights?

  2. Not that I mind this trend, but I would catagorize this under the topic of being trendy versus real education. I think that educating students about the topics of computer game design versus real software design is a bad trend. Combine this with the way most folks get started in the game business, and it appears to be more a mechanism to garner cash for the school. I have always felt that my college career gave me the fundamentals that I could then apply them to a specific discipline.

    Game design and marketing has less to do with mechanics of a given engine or graphics processor. Sure the final product needs to look good, but unless there is something story-wise behind the pretty pictures then the game is a flop. Plus, I think that if you look at the big names in the industry today – most earned thier rank by producing a game that told a compelling story through that medium.

  3. The funny thing is, I see in a lot of game software houses that they seperate the game designers from the software developers – they aren’t the same person. This would lead me to believe that just because you can code doesn’t mean you can develop a good game (look at Kevin.)

    (that’s a joke Kevin!)

  4. And just becuase you can design games, doesn’t mean you can code (just look at Kevin!)

    Its comedy hour at SFSignal ladies and gentlemen!

  5. They do two shows an evening ladies and gentlemen, and good seats are still available….

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