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2 Comments on With a Bang and a Whimper

  1. Pooh on them. I think there are many episodes from the first season of Space: 1999 that hold up well. Especially if you see them on DVD, where you can see scenes (usually dealing with silly things like “character development)that were cut from broadcast TV.

    “Black Sun”, “Testament of Arkadia”, and “Death’s Dominion” hold up very well. “Dragon’s Domain”, if you ignore the silly looking monster, holds up well as a character story. Even “Breakaway” holds up well as a suspense episode.

    As for the second season, there were a few bright spots, but Fred Freiberger, the producer they hired away from Star Trek, should be flogged for ruining two shows.

    My only complaint about the DVD set is that there is a definite lack of extra material. A much better job was done on the UFO sets (which I also have). UFO also holds up well, overall. A lot of very “adult” episodes, lots of psychological drama (even scenes that were cut by the network for censorship reasons–for example the drug injection sequence in “Timelash”).

    Good stuff. Gerry Anderson did do more good SF than we generally give him credit for.

    Fred (Raving Anderson Fanboy) Kiesche

  2. S:1999 was excellent in its time – the thing is, you have rate them in context really, it isn’t fair to compare them to today’s fiction.

    S:1999 was bucking a lot of conventions (just like Star Trek for that matter) and tried all kinds of things – some worked, some didn’t.

    The thing I remember about my attempts to watch S:1999 as a kid was that I thought it was too grown up – too much dialog and not enough action. But hey, I was a kid :).

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