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You know you want to go!

So sign up to win a trip to the Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame! I assume this means the grand opening although it doesn’t explicitly state that.

Plus a trip to Seattle, which is a nice place, except for all the clouds and rain. Whatever, you’ll be inside…

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4 Comments on You know you want to go!

  1. Maybe this will create some controversy, but what two movies did you put as your favorites in the form? I put “The Matrix” and “Dune.”

  2. Dune?! The Dino DeLaurentis version?!

    I need some of what you are smoking……

    I don’t know what I’d put in there but Matrix would work for me, maybe Ghostbusters.

  3. Yeah, that version of Dune is questionable but it does have Sting 😛 I like the Sci-Fi Channel version, but I also liked Pitch Black which is found elsewhere on this site. I feel it added a new twist to the horror genre and was in a sci-fi setting. My personal fave will have to be Star Wars (episode 4 if you want specifics) – it had such a lasting impact on entertainment in general and I got to see it in the theaters when it opened (so there is some sentimental feelings there.)

  4. While you’re there, check out some sf improv!

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