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Another Reason Why UT Rules

The Digital Media Collaboratory at the University of Texas is looking for persistent world gamers to participate in a study of online worlds. These include SWG, Second Life and CoH among others.

I’m not exactly sure which College the DMC is a part of, the top-level web site is a division of Rhetoric and Composition, so I’m assuming its under the English department or the Communications department. Isn’t this a great country? You can play games and study those that do, and do this all in pursuit of good grades! Too bad when we went there the internet was usenet only and there were no MMOGs to play. And, of course, no game related courses to take.

I thought about sending in my email for this, but I’m not sure I could convince my wife its a good idea to go to Austin to play a game for a few hours. Maybe a day trip to Austin would work….mmmm, Chuy’s near Zilker Park…..

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  1. UT, Aggies, what’s the difference!?!?

  2. Hmm, must be a Yankee….

  3. Allow me to reiterate: UT, A&M, what’s the difference? They’re both hick schools.

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