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First Cassini Images

These images, the first from the Cassini probe, show Phoebe, one of Saturn’s moons. That pic is much better than the one from a year ago.

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5 Comments on First Cassini Images

  1. I guess someone finally got some Windex for the lenses…

  2. Space Windex, actually.

  3. Are you sure these are the ‘first images’ from Cassini? Because Fred has been posting Saturn images like mad and they are all from Cassini’s CSICLOPS camera. First good images of Phoebe maybe?

  4. I stand corrected…in spaaaaaace!

  5. They were the first good shots of Phoebe. And if you look at the CICLOPS site, or my postings tonight, there are three utterly beautiful shots out of Phoebe which seem to confirm the theory that it’s an icy moon covered with darker material. An object from the Kuiper Belt? An old comet? A potential future refueling station?

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