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From the book on how not to keep customers…

Microsoft has decided not to make the X-Box 2 backward compatible with X-box 1. I know its not a big surprise to many of us, but you would think that they would look at a company who is extremely successful in this market. Somebody, like hmmm Sony – the PS2 was never as fast, but it was compatible and the PS3 will maintain that compatibility. So I guess I figured out which next gen console I will get eventually. And to MS we had the Blue Footed Booby award for yet another moronic business decision….

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  1. I guess now I’ll be camping out at Tim’s house to play Jade Empire and Fable.

    And I was seriously considering buying an Xbox for these two games.

    Thanks Microsoft! Can I have a job in your marketing department? I know I don’t have any marketing experience, but I don’t think the people you employ now do either….

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