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Kevin’s FFXI Alter Ego Goes Fishing

What does Ballock, Kevin’s Final Fantasy XI alter ego do when he’s not out braining orcs? Why fish, of course. Here he is in Port San d’Oria (10MB download) almost netting the big one.

Ballock is my 9th level Red Mage. We’ll check in with him periodically as he blazes through the world of Vana’diel.

By the way, I use Fraps to capture the video in-game. It also does screenshots and displays frames per second.

7 Comments on Kevin’s FFXI Alter Ego Goes Fishing

  1. Wow, Joun should have a field day with Ballock and his fishing rod…..

    I hear FF XI is a grind fest. How is it different, and more fun, than Star Wars Galaxies?

  2. I’ve been a fan of the FF series, and never much of a Star Wars fan. So the question is, if you change the SWG skins to Final Fantasy, which game would I enjoy more? Probably SWG.

    The SWG graphics are slightly better, but FFXI has more varied locations, I think. The cities in SWG all looked the same – all the cities in FFXI are unique. I’ve only been to a small handful of locations, but one of the big draws of the game for me is to get high enough level to see everything.

    They say that money is hard to make in FFXI, but I’m not having that much trouble. Maybe because I’m not power-leveling myself I’m able to make enough money to keep myself fairly well equipped for my level. I’m not crafting. That aspect of SWG really turned me off. I’ll fish and sell stuff that Mobs drop.

    Like all MMORPG’s, FFXI has its share of quests in every location. This is another way to make money. FFXI also has missions, which further the game story (kind of like Cries of Alderon in SWG).

    The interface in FFXI isn’t as good as SWG, but that’s because the game is also for the Playstation 2, so almost everything you do with the keyboard.

    There’s something quite addictive about FFXI, but will it hold my interest for more than a few months – especially since I’m playing solo? We’ll see!

  3. Who are you and what have you done with our friend, Kevin. We know you’re an imposter** because Kevin never posts unless it’s a movie review.

    Nevertheless, I’m unable to watch the video, stupid Windows Media Player says it’s trying to download a codec and then proceeds to fail the download… help!

    **Imposter, a blog poster who impersonates another blogger.

  4. Hmm, I’m not sure what codec was used to encode this. WMP says its something called “Subtitle Mixer”.


    We aim to please here at SFSignal!

  5. Hmm, I’m unable to play it even with that odd download JP linked to. Real says that it is encoded in MPEG-2 and I need DirectShow installed to view it. Of course, I already have DirectShow because it is included with DirectX.

  6. You may need to download the whole Ogg-Vorbis shebang.

  7. I’ll give some serious thought to using a different AVI-to-MPEG2 converter. I just pulled this free one off the internet.

    Fraps actually stores it on my drive in AVI format, but you sure don’t want to download THAT!

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