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Rise of the Machines

SF and BoingBoing author Cory Doctorow wrote a Wired article called Rise of the Machines discussing Isaac Asimov’s robots and the new movie that bears the title of Asimov’s robot story collection, I, Robot. Director Alex Proyas’ quotes about this being a definitive adaption collide with what is reported by Revolution SF, which essentially states that the movie is simply “skinned” with the look and feel of Asimovian robotica. (Is anyone else aroused by that word? Er…yeah…me neither.)

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2 Comments on Rise of the Machines

  1. After reading Cory’s article, I entertained for a few minutes the hope that the movie would have some Asimov concepts, even though the trailer gave a very, very different impression. After the Revolution SF’s article, however, I’m sure I won’t be seeing them movie. It’s a pity since most Asimov stories would probably result in good movies if properly produced.

  2. Are you surprised John? We alreadu knew the movie was a sham, only using the name to generate hype. This is a NetFlix rental, if at all. Unles of course it turns out to be good…

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