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Scammers on City of Heroes

Last night, I had the unfortunate incident of running into a couple of scammers on CoH. These two were sneaky as hell, one was a Scrapper and the other was a Tanker — i think their names were like DorkSpit and Ric Sheetrock or something like that.

So here’s the scam: I grouped up with them to do missions. Running all over town killing all this stuff for their missions. But then, after they got their levels, they just bailed on me. I ended up dying twice trying to solo my own missions — 2200 XP Debt. What a bummer, so for all you CoH players out there, just be careful. It’s stuff like this that really messes up a game for me.

Too bad, they already charged my credit card for the next month, else I would have dropped my subscription and head over to the friendly FFXI servers — I guess FFXI has to wait for at least another month, Kevin.

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  1. That sucks Pete – but I am not sure why you would quit over that? We still play, and if you avoid folks like that or exit your mission when they bail – you could have avoided the debt.

    I know they left you high and dry – but I don’t see that a scamming – I have had to bail at times on folks too…

  2. Seeing through the sarcasm Pete is referring to his (so-called) friends. Unfortunately Pete is leaving out some key details.

    First, one of Pete’s missions is in Terra Volta -you can’t get in there until your level 23 so Pete couldn’t even go there.

    Second, Pete’s other two missions were to kill groups of mobs of certain types in certain zones. In his case, they are in Independence Port (mobs are lvl22-26) and Talos Island (mobs lvl20-27.) The most recent patch that just came down (see patch notes about making higher level mobs hard to hit) mean that Nic at level 19 would have NO chance to even hit those mobs, let alone help out.

    So as we established a couple of days ago it isn’t necessarily good to out-level your friends unless your wiling to go slumming with them.

  3. I did leave out some details, I was able to complete two of those missions with a side-kicked hero who was only level 6 at the time. My deaths occured during those two missions which would have been much easier with non-sidekicked heroes of the appropriate levels.

    This is enough, I don’t want this to turn into a huge shouting match. Just wanted to air some frustration that I felt. What it came down to is that if I can’t count on my friends on the game to help me out, I wouldn’t been playing. I have no desire to play in pick up groups with strangers.

  4. Pete, don’t think I left because I felt like stiffing you. There are reasons I left, one of which was I was tired. Another is that I am not single. If you know what I mean and I think you do….

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