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I’ll be taking a trip later this week. I am hesitant to say “vacation” because, inevitably, a trip back to see the family is filled with “have-tos” and “gottas”. Anyway, for those who care (a number I estimate to be exactly one. Including myself.) here are the books I will be taking:

  • Chasm City by Alastair Reynolds – I am hoping I’ll be able to get through this sequel to Revelation Space; it’s big. Although I thought Revelation Space was a good first novel, I have really come to enjoy Reynolds through his short stories.
  • Genesis Quest by Donald Moffitt – In case I do get through Chasm City, this one looks interesting. It’s been sitting on my “to read soon” shelf for a while without being demoted to my “to read in the very near future” pile or the “to read this year” box or the “to read in my lifetime” room. (sigh)
  • Year’s Best SF #1 edited by David G. Hartwell – Can’t slack off on the short story reading just because I’ll be away! In the intro to Volume 1, his favorites from 1995, Hartwell states that this series promises to be a collection of true (hard?) sf, and will not include fantasy or any stories of questionable genre. This, an apparent beef he has with some other anthology series.
  • Year’s Best SF #2 edited by David G. Hartwell – I think I decided that I would like to read this sf anthology series in publication order, unlike Dozois Year’s Best series (the first, an only, one I read was the latest, #20.

I don’t expect to read them all, but you never know. A change of scenery may just stimulate my Klausner reflex. Did I just use the words “stimulate” and “Klausner” in the same sentence?

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3 Comments on Trip Books

  1. will you be back here in long-gie-land?

  2. While “Chasm City” is set in the same universe as “Revelation Space”, it isn’t a direct sequel. The three books that are tied to the big story are “Revelation Space”, “Redemption Ark” and the new hardcover, “Absolution Gap”.

  3. I stand corrected. I’m just sticking to the publishing order.

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