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Truth Stranger Than Fiction

Maybe you’ve seen the trailer for the move The Terminal starring Tom Hanks? This is a story about a man who is trapped in an airport – not being able to leave due to legal issues around his Visa to enter the US and not being allowed to fly anywhere else. Sounds implausable – right? Well, there is a note that it is based on a true story – and it is! has the scoop.

Now that I know the story of the real guy I wonder how much of that will make the film? It wouldn’t be Hollywood without some feel-good ending – such as him finally being able to leave the airport at the end. But the real person hasn’t had a Hollywood ending at all. Taking a look at the web site shows some scene where it appears all the airport staff are saying goodbye and walking him out – already telling me that the real story of this gentleman isn’t good enough for an American movie.

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