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Two Interesting SF Tidbits

From SciFi Weekly briefly noted section:

Gary Oldman may be voicing a SW EPIII character. Potentially General Grievous. Could be interesting. As long as he gets to say “My personal favorite”, it’ll be cool.

JM Straczynski is developing a theatrical movie (as noted before) based on B5. What’s new is the title, “Babylon 5: The Memory of Shadows”. Sounds cool! There was so much that could have been done with the B5 universe if the SciFi Channel suits hadn’t got involved…

Oh, and on last little tidbit, Robert Culp, along with a host of others, will be a voice actor in Tim’s favorite piece of vapor-ware, Half-Life 2. All I have to say is “Garbanzos!“. And along that line, supposedly Anchor Bay will be releasing a DVD set of all GAH episodes in 2005…

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  1. Vaporware!!! Heresy – I will have you flayed fiend!!! Bring forth this destruction my minions!!!!

    Oh sorry, was at a MS show this week and lost control…

  2. Gary Oldman in Episode iii?

    Apparanetly Gary Oldman may be voicing a SW EPIII character, possibly General Grievous. Cool. [Via SFSignal: Two Interesting SF Tidbits]…

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