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When is Algebra Fun?

When Iain M. Banks uses it as the title for his upcoming SF novel, that’s when! SFCrowsnest says The Algebraist is title of the new Banks novel. Supposedly a long, complex, baroque-style space opera, but not set in the Culture (mild disappointment) universe.

I guess I’ll have to get this one in hardback when it comes out. Banks is an exceptional writer whose SF novels are dark, humorous and full of SoW (TM). He also thinks big, but without the overwhelming ‘bigness’ of, say, Baxter. He is my favorite author and is a must read. 5 stars!!!!!!

Sorry, pulled a Klausner there. At least I’ve actually read his SF books….

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8 Comments on When is Algebra Fun?

  1. alright, I’m gonna ask, finally, who is Klausner and why do you guys always speak negatively of this person?

  2. You reall ought to read this blog more….

  3. For starters, look here. Then here.

  4. She looks like Kate Beckinsdale and reads faster than books can be published. I think I love that woman….

  5. I agree with Tim, if by Kate Beckinsale he means Jonathan Winters….

  6. John, have you tried to write to this person?

  7. No. She’s probably too busy reading or writing fake reviews to bother with email.

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