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You know you’re a SW fanboy when…

You dream about you and your friends being Jedi, with some kick-a$$ lightsabers. That’s all I remember, the lightsabers. I blame all the reading I’ve been forced to do since I ‘volunteered’ to be the gamemaster for a Star Wars roleplaying game. Sheesh, who knew there was so much SW stuff they could milk?

And now, one of the best PC RPGs, heck, games, of all time has succumbed to the lure of the dark side that is Truly firghtening, although Knights of the Old Republic is a truly outstanding game.

On a side note, check out the music video for Stuck in a Room with R2. Nicely done parody song. What is also interesting is that the live-action scenes in the video are from a fan film called Imperial Dogs, a parody of Reservoir Dogs, only with a lot less blood. Unfortunately, the creators realized that several scenes were filmed with not a enough light and couldn’t work around it in editing, so we’ll never get to see the whole thing. Too bad, since I think its hysterical to see Stormtroopers running around with the words, “Pink”, “Black”, etc written on their helmets….

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