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And the hits keep on coming

Good grief, it looks like musical SF/Fantasy is making a big splash.

In addition to the Holy Grail musical, SCiFi Weekly notes the possibility of a

Spider-Man musical. Ugh.

And from The Website at the End of the Universe, we learn of Batman and Star Wars musicals. I’m thinking someone needs to channel Wagner so he can write an opera for 1984….

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2 Comments on And the hits keep on coming

  1. it would appear that spidey is no longer the top story on that link. there some stuff about firefly at the top, which i didnt read. but what i did read was about super-babe Jennifer Garner in her upcoming role in the movie Elektra. She didn’t look that hot in the Daredevil movie, I hope that that’s not the case in the Elektra movie!

  2. I remember an episode of Batman Beyond where Terry took Bruce to Batman: The Musical

    As the cast sings “A Superstitious Cowardly Lot” Bruce looks at Terry and says “You hate me, don’t you?”

    There was also a Mad TV skit where Tommy Tune and Ben Vereen star in a Batman musical, thrusting their hips during a rendition of “Down the Batpole.”

    Never a fan of musicals, but always admired them for coming up with material. I guess those days are gone.

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