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Batman Begins

A trailer and artwork for Batman Begins. [From James at Big Dumb Object]

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4 Comments on Batman Begins

  1. What the hell is wrong with WB with these titles?!?! After “Batman Forever,” it’s “Batman Begins?” Geez! So they’re going to retell the origin yet again?! Couldn’t they come up with something more original? Maybe the former hairdresser producer can help them write a new story with giant spiders and polar bears…

  2. What gives, there are no chicks in this one! At least the other ones had: Kim, Michelle, Nicole, Uma/Alicia (pre-fat stage)…

  3. A new trailer is available.

  4. That New Batman Movie kicks Azz. I loved everything about it—-Christian Bale is the Best Batman since Keaton left. I can’t wait to see the next one. Finally a logical, reality based Batman movie that doesn’t seem like a saturday morning cartoon!!!!!

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