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Better Trek?

TrekToday has several news items regarding the upcoming season of Enterprise. First up, new showrunner and co-exec producer, Manny Coto, details some of the upcoming storylines for season 4. While I’m not a big fan of crossover appearances, the Brent Spiner appearance seems interesting, plus the Eugenics War tie-in sounds interesting at least.

Second, the Temporal Cold War will end this season. Yay! Yet more time travel was a stupid idea to begin with. However, the fact that the ‘Future Guy’s’ identity may not be revealed is kinda lame. But such is life with Brannon Braga involved.

And last, a quick item with ‘spoilers’ for the fourth season. The big news is that Shatner is still a possible guest appearance playing an ‘incarnation of Kirk’, whatever that means. Maybe he’ll be pitching a future Priceline?

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4 Comments on Better Trek?

  1. Maybe Shatner will play a paranoid ancestor of Kirk. He could look out the window of the Enterprise and say, “There’s…something on the wing!”

  2. Don’t you mean storylines for season 4? Or do they think they’re going to last until season 5?

  3. John – now that would be truly funny.

    I for one would like to see the show get more combat oriented and define 1 true villian – somebody really nasty. Why do we need whole races of evil guys (the Xindi, the Borg, etc.)? I’m thinking somebody like Baltar or Darth Vadar.

  4. If they “resolve” (I’d prefer a complete cutoff, just dump it!) the “temporal cold war” crapola, it might be a decent show. I’d like to see a show where they really do go “boldly where no man has gone before”. The Vulcan “arc” sounds like it could be fun.

    Ah well, in the meantime, there’s still Stargate and Atlantis. Plus Battlestar Galactica.

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