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Chick Lit?

We’ve all heard of chick flicks, but I wonder, when the producer of the upcoming SciFi Channel miniseries Earthsea calls the books literature, is this really chick lit? I’ve never read Earthsea so I don’t now. I’m assuming things here based on John’s infactuation with The Mists of Avalon and my lack of knowledge of the Earthsea series.

But on a broader question (ha ha!), could you consider Earthsea to be literature? I’m not sure what ‘literature’ really is, other than something that’s dense, inaccessible and something only university English departments could love. I’m not sure Le Guin fits that mold.

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5 Comments on Chick Lit?

  1. Do Maxim, FHM, and Stuff count? They have lots of chicks…

  2. Le Guin definately fits that mold. She teaches, or at least lectures at a University. She’s active in various causes that are popular with professors, students and the literati. Her books are studied in several fields, e.g., women’s studies (no, Pete, not what you think).

    So, yes, she is “literature”. More’s the pity.

  3. Ha! Fred takes a shot at Pete. I love it.

    I’ve read John’s two favorite books, The Left Hand of Darkness and The Dispossesed but don’t really remember much about them, or of the writing style. I’ll take your word for the ‘literature’ aspect of them Fred.

    I may even go back and re-read them. Well, when John doesn’t have any new books he can loan me that is…

  4. E-Moocher.

  5. Does Iron Sunrise ring a bell?

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