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Darn that new digital technology…

In the continuing story of directors enhancing movies and building the vision they really had when the movie was first made (yeah right), Lucas has updated THX-1138. And lucky for us – somebody has taken some shots to show the differences between the old version and this “new and improved” version. The link is here (and now working after suffering the slashdot effect.)

3 Comments on Darn that new digital technology…

  1. From what I saw on the site, I like these improvements. They are not so blatant as what some directors have done (including George himself).

    I’m ordering the film when it’s out, the deluxe edition, so I can see the student version again. I saw it once during college and thought it was a better film than the Hollywood version.

  2. I’ve never seen this movie. I guess its time I put it on NetFlix!

  3. Those enhancements remind of the Special Edition of The Empire Strikes Back, which in my opinion was the best of the SW SE’s. Subtle use of CGI to expand the locations etc…. Perhaps by the end of Episode iii Lucas will have figured out how to do special editions properly and will go back and do SW again?

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