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End of City of Heroes???

Seeing how none of my friends ever want to play this game anymore, so I question the value of spending $15 a month on it…

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  1. Pete,

    I play quite a bit, but I don’t have any regular hours. Things should settle down once school starts and the kids have a regular routine.

    As for today, it was a day full of WaterWorld and Astroworld. You’ve never seen funny face until you’ve seen a 5 year old’s for Greezed Lightnin’ experience. Hehehehehe.

  2. I will have to agree with JP on this one here since I find myself with more stuff than I have time to allocate. I will play, but I have been lax in some homework that I need to get done for this class I am taking. I do show up its just not a regular night thing until I get this other stuff done.

  3. i understand everyone has commitments outside the game — heck, there are nights when i rather be watching tv. i’m, in no way, saying that coh comes first, hell no!

    i’m simply wondering out-loud whether this is something i should continue to pursue given that everyone else is doing other things and asking if anyone else is feeling the same thing…

  4. I’m still playing. Update 2 looks really interesting as well. That’s in the Sept/Oct timeframe. And $15/month is cheap, really, especially compared to the $40-$50 price tags of stand-alone games.

    But, if you’ve lost interest, don’t play. Move on to Star Wars Galaxies Jump to Lightspeed when it comes out. I know Scott will be there, and I may try it out as well, it sounds interesting. And now, in a direct affront to Lucas (and an indicator of bad planning), you can’t swing a dead cat in SWG without hitting a Jedi. Unless,of course, the cat is a bluie, in which case you couldn’t pick it up to begin with, but I digress. The ‘ease’ of playing a Jedi now is also appealing, plus the latent SW fanboi in me is Force pushing its way out. Damn you Lucas! Why must the new movies suck so much Jar-Jar while the originals kick so much Bantha a$$?

    I now return you to your regularly scheduled City of Heroes thread…

  5. i’ve not lost interest, but the lack of playing partners makes it all the more frustrating. at 28, it’s near impossible to solo…

  6. Right, as a tank, I agree with you. Its tough to solo at the higher levels. Scott apparently has no problems as a scrapper though. The bum.

  7. I was just busy this week – no doubt I’ll have more time this weekend.

    I don’t find it hard to solo, but leveling is starting to become a chore. I’m hoping some new missions, new zones or something come available soon to keep the interest level up.

  8. this is the third night in a row that i’ve ended with 17k debt, i’m losing interest in this game fast…

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