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Enterprising Apartment for Sale

In the “Too Much Time and Money on his Hands” department, some uber-geek has done up his apartment to look like the interior of the Starship Enterprise. Get this…the guy did it as therapy for his divorce. Anyone care to venture a guess on who initiated the split and why?

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4 Comments on Enterprising Apartment for Sale

  1. This thing has been on and off eBay for over a year now. I guess he can’t find any takers!

  2. she must’ve been a real wench to have screwed him up this badly!

  3. anyone wanna venture a guess on what he does in his holodeck?

  4. Sorry to comment on an OLD entry but you have to experience it LCARS style!

    And while you’re on the whole LCARS kick, go check out the “LCARS Standards Development Board”

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