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EW Reviews SF

Noah Robischon of Entertainment Weekly, the rag mag everyone turns to for sf reviews, has published their brief monthly roundup of recent sf books. To wit:

  • WEAPONS OF CHOICE by John Birmingham
    • Grade: A
    • Lowdown: Birmingham’s enthralling battleground mixes provocative historical fiction and socially conscious futurism.
  • IRON SUNRISE by Charles Stross
    • Grade: B+
    • Lowdown: Sunrise, while unnecessarily complex in spots, is a Hollywood thriller with a cyberpunk heart.
  • RADIANT by James Alan Gardner
    • Grade: B-
    • Lowdown: The tenacious Explorers propel the Trek-like saga forward, though gardner’s emotionless prose would make a poet out of Spock.
  • IRON COUNCIL by China Miéville;
    • Grade: C+
    • Lowdown: Miéville’s phantasmagoric story is eclipsed by a glut of flawed heroes and an invented vernacular that impedes its own progress.
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2 Comments on EW Reviews SF

  1. Stross: Overly complex? Gee, I guess so for somebody who probably restricts his reading to his own magazine and copies of “Variety”, plus summaries of screen treatments.


  2. Heh, I was thinking the same thing. Which leads me to believe the Weapons of Choice isn’t all that. Although I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews of Iron Council, I’ll probably still pick it up and read it.

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