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Fallout 3 lives

With the demise of Interplay (and yes I know they are not quite dead yet but the weight-challenged norse looking opera singing lady is out in the hallway), Fallout 3’s future seemed in jeopardy. But fear not for another publisher (Bethseda Softworks of Morrowind and Cthulu game fame) has picked up the reins and will be publishing the game. There is some Q/A with Bethseda on Gamespy, but I can’t handle all the ads you clickthru to get to the details – but I have placed the link here as well.

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  1. Awesome – Fallout is a great universe to play in and I really enjoyed all the Fallout games (well, not so much Fallout 1 as it didn’t play so well on my Windows XP box.) I liked Fallout: Tactics the most but a return to its RPG roots would be great. Bethesda is the right team to do it too!

    I loved the artwork – especially the pencil-drawings of the boy describing the powers!

  2. Is it going to be as boring as Fallout 2? I know that that’s not a popular opinion, but turn-based is one thing, but come on!!

  3. If you played F02 unpatched – there were a couple of killer bugs that made it darned near impossible to play. The turn based thing was well done and the story is fantastic. The guys who worked on the games really understood pop culture from the 50s and created a post-apocolyptic vision that was well done in an rpg format. Now this type of game will not appeal to all, and maybe this format is not your cup of tea Pete. But I would not give up on it….

  4. Tim’s comments are spot-on. The version released had major headaches, but the patches largely fixed it – I hate when it comes to that but that’s what we got. I enjoyed it – I found the universe so refreshing – much like how I much I got into playing Start Wars d20 in KOTOR (although KOTOR is better than FO2 overall.)

    But I preferred FO:Tactics to FO2 even – yet another game style that definately didn’t appeal to the RPG crowd the way FO/FO2 did.

    One fear I have with Bethesda is that they make FO3 too much like Morrowind. I personally didn’t get into Morrowind like others – I played the base game through for a while, but if anything I found that game to be too open ended – I was never sure where to go exactly. So just like I didn’t care for Morrowing, I can certainly see somebody (an RPG fan nonetheless) not enjoying FO2.

  5. Having played Bethesda’s release of Elder Scrolls IV-Oblivion, the same engine they intend to market as Fallout 3, one would become greatly nervous and suspect. Oblivion’s theme is overplayed and saturated in the gaming market and blankets one with a feeling of deja vu for sure, causing you to lose interest if play other games of that genre.

    While it is a good looking engine, can it become home to Fallout 3? Well, that would depend on how true to the history of the game Bethesda can be, and how talented they are at making a non-linear story that has several different areas to visit and interesting story lines that don’t have to be done to get to the end game. In an apocalyptic world I think we find the Fallout humor and mature themes a bit out of Bethesda’s league, at least based upon their history.

    If the true Fallout art form which is story line cannot be done justice, then we all lose….

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