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Get a Load of These Models!

No, not supermodels (sorry Pete), but a bunch of Space 1999 models, from the guy who built them. Really cool. It reminds that I really like the Eagle ships immensely. There are even some other cool models, including one that looks like the Discovery from 2001.

The only quibble I have with this page is the “immensly popular” tag it places on Space:1999. Cult following != immensely popular. If it had been immensely popular, it wouldn’t have been canned after 2 seasons. And this coming from a (lapsed) member of the cult!

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3 Comments on Get a Load of These Models!

  1. Well, Martin is modeler, and the site is mainly aimed at modelers. Space: 1999 has a immense following among those who build space related models–think of all the Eagle variants you can do.

    Take a look at a site called Starship Modeler. Space: 1999 and Star Trek are probably the two biggest categories.

    And as for cult following = popular. Two seasons can make it a popular cult. Here, try some of our kool aid…

    (I own the MegaSet. I am a cult member.)

  2. I at one time had partaken of the Kool Aid, deeply. As I’ve mentioned before, I would stay up on Saturday nights to watch S:1999, which came on around 1am. This was in high school and yes, I had no life.

    I’ve since grown out of it somewhat, but I do have fond memories. I’ll have to check them out again to see. My fear is that they won’t hold up well, much like Battlestar Galactica and Buck Rogers have failed to translate well to an adult mindset (let the jokes begin!).

    But that Kool Aid is mighty tempting! Did I mention I had one of those read-along books that came with a 45RPM album? Yeah, I did. It was the Planet Meta story. I was such a geek.

  3. JP: Was?

    Pete: Thanks for the non-work-safe warning.

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