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Little Wars

From the Mumpsimus comes an item about the first-ever commercially pulished rules for miniature wargaming. It’s called Little Wars and it’s written by H. G. Wells.

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4 Comments on Little Wars

  1. I’ve got a copy. Now take that, plus his “Land Ironclads”, plus get some of the models of land ironclads that are available and you can have yourself a whooping Victorian time!

  2. That is really cool. I bet WizKids will make a Victorian era click-game next. Land Leviathan sounds cool…

  3. There already is a Victorian land game…one of the modules for GDW’s “Space: 1889”. You can do it without “WizKids”!

  4. Yeah I remember Space: 1889, and you can use figs from The Foundry for this era – they really look good. Can have British from the Zulu war and what not – they are awesome figs.

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