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Revenge is a Dish

Best served by the Sith. Yup, the Ep. III title will be Revenge of the Sith. I dunno, better then Return of Jar-Jar.

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3 Comments on Revenge is a Dish

  1. Not that you troll Star Wars sites or anything, fanboi.

  2. Darn…I was hoping I had “scooped” you guys on the news!

    But I see you didn’t post the DVD news, so maybe I got at least one!

  3. Darn it! You’d think you’d get something for actually subscribing to the RSS feed. But no!

    I will say the Hasbro Ep.III packaging looks really cool, while the Ewoks and Droids DVD sounds horrid. But! The Clone Wars on DVD may make on my Christmas list. The trilogy is, of course, already on pre-order at Amazon. Not that I’m a Star Wars fanboi or anything…

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