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Say It Ain’t So…

This has nothing to do with SciFi – so sue me.

As an American, a Texan and a former resident of Austin, I’ve always taken special pride in Lance Armstrong. After all – he’s pretty much got ‘Hero’ tatooed right on him. He’s a cancer survivor, he’s a dedicated athelete, he’s won 5 straight world championship events, and he dated Sheryl Crow (yow!)

I’ve followed the Tour de France because of him – and I’ll likely never watch it again after he gives it up.

And in the past when allogations of drug use surfaced around Lance, I always looked on it as sour grapes. The French are mad that an American is winning their race so he must be on steroids or some other illegal drug.

But now, things have gotten a little worse. A new report by ESPN shows that there really might be something there. I sure hope it isn’t true – however its going to be hard to prove that. Aired yesterday, ESPN’s Outside the Lines segment pretty much made the case that while there isn’t definitive proof yet, there sure is a lot of smoke around Lance. It is possible that all these people have axes to grind against him – I’m sure he’s pissed off his share. I just wish thing didn’t look so bad. The worst for me was the video footage of one of his teammates driving 100 miles to throw away some garbage from the team apartments – garbage that contained syringes and animal blood (apparently used to give extra energy.)

First Barry and now Lance – yikes! All the more reason to look up to people who succeed due to hard work, dedication, and brains, like say Ken Lay, rather than atheletes! πŸ™‚

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