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SciFi RPGs

From the recently discovered 1000 Monkies, 1000 Typewriters website (you know, there aren’t enough sites with the word ‘Monkey’ in them) comes Chris’ Off My Shelf column detailing his favorite SciFi RPG settings. He’s got some interesting ones there, most of which I’ve never hear of, with the exception of GURPS: Transhuman Space, and Traveller. Some of the others sound interesting too.

Its funny, the period in my life when I had the most free time to play RPG (college) and I don’t, while now, when I have a job and kids, I do. Ok, funny strange not funny ha-ha but you get the idea….

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2 Comments on SciFi RPGs

  1. So I just checked the list and I have heard of most of them, and I believe Kevin has both Blue Planet and Fading Suns from one of his “gaming convention” boondoggles. They are all great games with some great background and as an Anime guy – you should really check out Heavy Gear – it has that big giant mech feeling to it.

  2. I pretty much gamed in an entirely different era from this guy. So he fails to mention favorites such as Universe, EPT, FTL: 2448, Fringeworthy, etc.

    He does mention Traveller, but I wonder if he ever saw any early Traveller stuff. That was better than GURPS Traveller. On the other hand GURPS Traveller beats out the other various incarnations.

    I used to game a lot. Now I’ve got a house, a child, etc.

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