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Spider-Man 2

BRIEF SYNOPSIS: Still feeling guilty for the death of his uncle, Peter struggles to find his place in the world. As the conflict within him grew, his powers become unreliable. On top of that, Peter must also try to resolve his feelings for Mary Jane. All the while, a new menace has surfaced in the form of Dr. Octopus and Spidey has to stop him before he destroys New York City.



REVIEW SUMMARY: The second installment of the ever so popular Spiderman movie franchise. In this new outing, Spidey battles the infamous Dr. Octopus while struggling to lead a normal life against the backdrop of being a superhero.

This was a very good sequel. As in the first movie, the fight scenes were very animated. Aside from the constant availability of buildings to swing from (even in the middle of a body of water); there wasn’t any noticeable inconsistencies. My only other complaint is that the storyline seems to drag at times. Because of his internal struggle, we get yet another run of the “with great power, comes great responsibility” speech which was already hammered home in the first movie.

PROS: Excellent special effects. Good storyline.

CONS: Slow plot at times — needed more fights and less talk; Peter seemed more angst-ridden then in the comic book.

BOTTOM LINE: It’s definitely worth seeing and adding to your DVD collection.

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  1. I finally got a chance to see this last week. I, too, would give it a 4 out of 5 rating.

    I could easily see why the critics like the movie – there are several interwoven meaty plot threads (the villain, the identity, the love interest) that keep vying for your attention. There are no wasted scenes or dialog, another critic fave.

    So what are my problems with the movie? As Pete mentioned, the apparent lack of high structures around the pier (well, actually, there was a huge crane, but then later, he webs off of that…how?). And the slow beginning. Also, there were some inexplicable story events. For example, how did Osborne know the whereabouts of Octavius’ secret hideout? And why, with all of this newfound power at his disposal, would Octavius agree to Osborne?s conditions for handing over the tritium (sp?). And isn?t it convenient that Peter Parker happens to be at the one bank in New York that Doc Ock wants to rip off?

    The visuals were stunning. I?m talking more about framing and posturing more than the CG work which always looked to me like it had slightly exaggerated physics. There?s one scene where Spidey is poised on the crane at the pier. That?d make a good poster.

    Overall, a really good film.

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