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2 Comments on Star Wars Tidbits

  1. So, Wookies are now Pacific islander types. Odd, I never saw Chewbacca in a grass skirt…..

    Oh, and that doesn’t square with the Wookies in KotOR who inhabited the giant trees of their forest planet. Much like Endor, only without the annoying Ewoks.

  2. You know, it’s a good thing this isn’t a site full of raving Star Wars fanboys…I’d shudder to think how many postings we’d see about SW if that were true!

    “There are no plans to make Episodes VII, VIII or IX, McCallum said.”

    Doesn’t that contradict other “official” announcements?

    Carrie Fisher seems to have forgiven SW for ruining her life. Either that or they waved a nice check in front of her.

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