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Tired of Trek?

Executive producer Brannon Braga thinks so. Am I tired of Star Trek? No, I’m tired of the Braga version of Star Trek that can’t come up with anything new or interesting. Recycled plots from TOS and TNG don’t count. Rehashing time travel doesn’t count. Making hash of Trek continuity doesn’t count. I think Berman and Braga need to relinquish the creative reins and let some real SF writers get their hands on Trek. Then we’ll see something truely new and exciting. Until then, I won’t watch anythig they produce.

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3 Comments on Tired of Trek?

  1. I’ll agree that I’m tired of their Trek at this point. I’ll buy the “old series” in the new DVD versions…eventually I’ll buy other shows they have done–maybe.

    But, heck, before that there are more seasons of B5, Outer Limits (original), Gerry Anderson shows, StarGate, etc., to go through.

  2. I agree JP – I think I’m ready for a different kind of Trek. I guess it wouldn’t be Star Trek without the warm fuzzy message, but I wouldn’t mind seeing more Wrath of Khan-style Trek.

  3. what kind of name is Brannon Braga anyway?

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