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Why When I Was a Kid

We had to climb to infinity the old fashioned way, one rung at a time straight up! Not like that new fangled Infinity Climber kids have nowadays. Young whippersnappers probably don’t even now what a mobius strip is. What’s next? Klein Bottles in the trash cans? Darn kids and their litter…

Boing Boing calls this a mobius strip, but, upon closer inspection, it doesn’t look like a true Mobius strip. It doesn’t appear to be a single surface with a twist in it. It looks like an oddly shaped and twisted ring. Of course, the camera angle could screw with the perspective. In any case, that’s a rather neat piece of playground equipment.

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3 Comments on Why When I Was a Kid

  1. Two twists. It isn’t a Moebius Strip.

    Nonetheless, it beats the heck out of the playground equipment in our town. Cool.

  2. I also think that you would need a huge pair of plastic scissors to cut it in half before it’s truly a Moebius strip, no?

  3. Just don’t run on the playground with those scissors!

    Hmmmm…what else would look good on a playground. How about a real hypercube/tesseract?

    (requires Java)

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