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Wizkids and NCSoft

From the files on printing your own money, Wizkids announced they will be creating some City of Heroes HeroClix figures. So now you can re-enact all those great encounters in the comfort of your own living room with other folks who just look at you funny when you say the words “The Magnetic Spleen and Nic Drywall were getting slapped silly by these LOST guys.”

2 Comments on Wizkids and NCSoft

  1. Talk about printing money, how about the ability to take our in game characters and create a Hero Clix figure from it? Now that would rule! Plus, you’d be the only kid on your block with a Magnetic Spleen, or Pneumatic Toe. Rule, I said!

  2. I would have to agree there JP – it would really be a great idea. I would love to have heroclix versions of our little super team…

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