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Adventures in RSSland

Here’s an interesting conglomeration of RSS and Project Gutenberg. Alice’s Adventures in RSS is a one page a day rendition of Alices Adventures in Wonderland, delivered via RSS. So, you can add the feed to your favorite aggregator and read it one day at a time. There are also feeds for Finnegan’s Wake, Ulysses, and (cool!) The Notebooks of Leonard Da Vinici (not the teenage mutant ninja turtle). A rather cool idea I think.

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2 Comments on Adventures in RSSland

  1. I agree, a very cool idea. I think they should get some classical texts in there, The Odyssey ot The Illiad or some other books prefixed by ‘The’.

  2. Oh those books are in Project Gutenberg. I’m not sure what all it takes to syndicate them through RSS. I guess you could use Feedster or something like that. Of course, you could always use a blog front-end as well…

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