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Another reason why technology rules

Not SF related just musings on tech in general. It’s a nice day outside, surprising since Houston in August is usually just a step cooler than being in a sauna, Aaron is riding his new scooter, when he’s not wiping out that is, and Jarrod is helping the neighbor weed her front garden with a pair of needle-nose pliers. I got the assignment to watch them while they are outside so I said to myself, “Self, watching kids play out front, while exciting, will quickly loose itsw entertainment value. Why not surf the web and slack outfront?”. So I am.

I’m sitting in my chair with my laptop and wireless connection (which works really well now, thanks Tim!) listening to streaming audio, trying to talk with my brother who brought me a cool Steamboy poster from Japan (see! some SF related material!) and generally slacking, wishing my wife would bring me a sammich or something. Life is good. If it would stay this way weather wise, I’d do this most evenings. Makes you wonder what people did 100 years ago, probably talk to each other or something. Why do that when you can blog!

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  1. You know, I was doing the same thing this weekend — minus the wife, the kids, and the sammich. I was feelin’ pretty good, then I realized:

    1. my 401(k) is worth 15% less than what it was a week ago

    2. The company that i worked for so many years just can’t seem to get their act together.

    3. my car is almost ten years old, and i thought i can buy that little chick-magnet of a roadster if only they can give me a little bit of a raise but now… most likely NOT!!

    4. that my friends are making more $$$ than me even though they’re outta college later than me cus their company reported a 30% gain on the same day mine told the world that we sucked!

    5. that my house is not going to worth jack squat in a few years when that big computer company implodes and everyone else’s houses are on the market.

    so you know what i did? i tappity tap-tapped into the wireless laptop, updated the resume, trawled some job sites, emailed some recruiters, all without getting my ass out of my chair… and that’s another reason why technology rules!

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