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Battlestar Galactica – The Series

Well, JP’s wish has been granted. The SciFi Channel is going ahead with their new Battlestar Galactica series beginning January 2005.

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4 Comments on Battlestar Galactica – The Series

  1. what about my wish? I want uncancel Mutant X! I never get what I want! It’s all about me, and how I don’t get what I want!

  2. Hot android/robot babes? I’m so there!

    (SG is going good so far this season and I’m enjoying the developing threads of the Atlantis series. Who needs “Enterprise”?)

  3. If they’re hot, maybe they need to dial down their power generators….

    But I know what you mean…

  4. BTW it looks like Richard Hatch has jumped on the bandwagon and will make cameos in the new show. Linked from Sci-Fi Wire.

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