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Beware the Jabberwock!

Because he’s two feet tall, plush and available from Entertainment Earth.

And since we haven’t had a Cthulhu siting recently, check out the links lower down on that page for a Deep One Plush, a Shoggoth Plush, and my favorite, the Cthulhu Plush Slipper! Nothing turns the kids into gibbering idots better than an Elder God on your foot, except for maybe a post-Halloween candy binge….

A falling safe to Gravity Lens for the link!

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3 Comments on Beware the Jabberwock!

  1. I noticed that Atlas Games has come out with a game called Cthulhu 500, which mixes the themes of Nascar racing and Cthulhu. I’m somehow not interested.

  2. Man, that Jabberwock plush is ugly! Giving that to your kids will guarantee you the cost of years of therapy!

  3. Want one of these to go with your ugly plush??

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