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In a sure sign the Apocalypse is nigh, and I think Pete will appreciate this, the search term “Kate Beckinsale” is now the number one search phrase used to find our site. It barely edges out “Revenge of the Sith” and Dan’s big ASCII head (actually, “jpg to ascii”) comes in a distant third.

Scary this is. Maybe Pete can supply us with more pics for the Beckinsale fanbois…

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10 Comments on Breaking News!

  1. LOL, you all need to bow before my geekiness!

  2. Oh, and that’s an easy order, JP. Here, click this, it will fill your screen with page after page of of this magnificient goddess.

    Speaking of goddesses, here is another one — maybe we can make “Karen Cliche” the next #1 search term for our site.

    PS: John, may I please have my edit rights back?

  3. Depends. Do you promise to behave?

  4. Just as a sidenote…you really probably should have at least moderate safesearch on at google BEFORE clicking on the previous links…at least if you work in a cubicle farm like I do…

    Ah the joys of working at an insurance company…

  5. Thanks for the warning, Doug. The longtime visitors to this site just assume that’s always the case with Peter. 🙂

  6. My bad, I had “moderate” on at home (now that I think about it, is quite surprising — mental note: remove that) so I didn’t think to post any “work safe/unsafe” warnings. And I didn’t think any of those people posed for those types of pictures, I guess google filtered it for me. My apologies, hope you didnt get fired or anything…

    PS: Yes, I’ll behave.

  7. Moderate image filtering is the default behavior for Google – anybody who gets something else gets what they deserve for changing the default!

  8. That would be true…IF you didn’t work for an insurance company that periodically asks you to do research on female anatomy stuff for the appropriate treatment forms…THAT will put you off your feed for awhile… and you need to keep google on “off” to get the appropriate data..

    so there…nyah!

    on the other hand..she IS hot..:)

  9. Hey Pete, maybe you ought to work for an insurance company like Doug.

    “No really, I was doing research an the female anatomy…for insurance purposes…”

  10. but why do i need to? that’s what i tell scott now… i’m just doiong research…

    “she IS hot…” which “she” are you referring to? Kate, Karen, or the other hot SciFi babe with Ks in her name, Keira.

    And two of these have that most unbelievably hot British accent!

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