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BS, BS everywhere, and not a drop to…

If you get Showtime on your local cable system or orbital statellite-based TV solution (ie, dish) then you owe it to yourself to check out Penn & Teller’s show titled Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

The show is an awesome companion to Mythbusters on the Discovery Channel. Basically, this show exposes and debunks (and makes fun of) all kinds of things – the funeral industry, P.E.T.A., Yoga, Tarot, and more. All told, I love this show – the P&T humor works and making fun of some woman from Sadona who acts as though she really believes in vortexes (while free associating some native-american-like BS and dancing around) is just great. I highly recommend it!

11 Comments on BS, BS everywhere, and not a drop to…

  1. I saw the episode about creationists trying to apply scientific methodologies to legitimize their wacko “theory” and tried to teach it at public schools, it was pretty funny.

    BTW, i dont have showtime (who can afford it, i’m already paying for Skinemax), but i think the first season is out on dvd which i happened to catch at jeff’s house during the last couple of movie nights that he had.

  2. Did you post on this fine site that Creationism is a ‘wacko theory’? Regardless of your beliefs, I think that alienating the entire Christian faith is probably NOT the thing you want to do if you wish to increase site readership.

  3. Did I say “wacko”? I meant to say baseless, unscientific, unproven, simplistic, superstitious, anachronistic, absurd, etc. Perhaps I should go back rewatch the episode so I can use Penn’s exact wording.

    …go go gadget lix!

    Besides, I was merely espousing my affinity toward an episode that discussed a subject matter in a perspective with which I have a harmonious opinion.

  4. Speaking of Mythbusters, has anyone seen their “resident gearhead”, Scottie Chapman? Blonde with a blow-torch, hubba hubba!

  5. ..and redhead Kari Byron… maybe while Scottie and Kari are dressing Buster for that next experiment, they might accidentally kiss or something…

  6. An now for more religious wackiness: Apparently God doesn’t like sick little 8-yr old girls who can’t eat wheat.

  7. Will someone please stop letting him post!

  8. I thought you were not offended by the original “wacky” post. I’m actually pretty surprise that someone who didn’t use to post all of a sudden is a posting police. Did you even read the article?

  9. Kevin –

    “alienating the entire Christian faith?”

    It might surprise you to know that there are a LOT of Christians who believe in evolution, old earth, etc. The ENTIRE Christian faith is based on the combined teachings of the Bible (as parables, not literal truth) and living after the example of Christ. The Bible itself is so full of contradictions it can’t possibly be taken literally.

    For the record, I’m a United Methodist – thus, by definition, part of the “entire Christian faith” and (though you might find this odd) adamantly NOT a creationist!

  10. And with that, this post is closed to comments. I’m not interested in starting a religion/science flame war. This is a SF blog, not a belief debate board.

    Thanks for playing.

  11. Kari in Mythbusters hot? You betcha! She is the hottest chick to appear on TV for a longtime. I wish they would do something on the show that would involve her wearing a bikini or something…

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