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Dum Dwee, Dum Dum Dum Dwee Dow

If you missed it while it was on TV, now is your chance to own The Tick on DVD! Yes, the live action one. I saw this at Walmart the other day and only the price, $25, kept me from buying it. But still, its on my Amazon wish list.

Oh, and a short trip in the way back machine brings another forgotten TV series to DVD, Sledgehammer!. I vaugely remember seeing this one on TV way back when. It would probably make more sense to me now. Sadly, Police Squad is NOT on DVD. Oh, the injustice!

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3 Comments on Dum Dwee, Dum Dum Dum Dwee Dow

  1. When the heck is Max Headroom going to make it to DVD? That’s the one I’m waiting on. And maybe Salvage One…Space Academy…Jason of Star Command..the Filmation Flash Gordon series…Filmation’s Star Trek…

    Oh let’s face it, I want it all!

  2. Comedy Central ran a marathon of all the Police Squads (there aren’t that many – only like 10 or so IIRC.) They were funny – not sure I need to own them though.

  3. Doh! Salvage One! I was trying to remember the name of that show. Its scary that you and I were thinking alike Fred. Scary!

    And those Filmation series remind my how bad animation can actually bad. From Nickelodeon, its “Badly Animated Man!”. His arm has two positions: drawn back and fully extended. Cycle between them for a punch, repeat. At least the ST one had the actual actors voicing their lines.

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