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Global Frequency

Will be a mid-season replacement on The WB. GF is based on the Wildstorm comic of the same name and is an X-Filesish setting. I’m not too sure of the story, but it looks rather interesting. At least its SF-ish and not the same old, same old. Maybe.

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4 Comments on Global Frequency

  1. I can’t find anything on this show in IMDb. If it’s a WB show, I guess we can hope that it will have babes in it…

  2. Um, Pete, the three main characters ARE babes.

    Here, this should help ease your mind. Disregard the guy in the list, he is new to the TV version and not in the original comics.

  3. michelle forbes is not really a babe — she’ll always be “ensign ro” from st:tng…

  4. Jenni has real talent that all those in the USA will discover

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