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Hail Saladboy*

Imagine a world where the Roman Empire never fell – I will wait…

Okay, if you have an idea what it looked like – forget it because Imperator is coming from the same folks that brought us DAOC. The website came up yesterday and now you can enjoy it as well.

* Saladboy trademarked by JP

3 Comments on Hail Saladboy*

  1. mythic, didn’t they just cancelled one of their mmorpgs? is this just that one reborn?

    Oh yeah, All Hail Gluteus Minimus Puellus Lactuca*!

    *translation: small behind, lettuce boy.

  2. Mythic never cancelled one of thier games. DAOC is still quite successful. Mythica was cancelled by Microsoft for some unknown reason.

  3. Now there’s a MMORPG that looks cool and is trying a different setting! Romans in spaaaaace!

    Actually, the Praetorian space suits look very cool. I’ll be checking this one out as it goes along.

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