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Hasbros done it again

What do you get when you combine Magic: The Gathering and Legos? You get Xevoz . Each kit comes with one or two action figures which you build yourself. Each part has a corresponding piece that fits on the battle wheel (a really elongated die) which is rolled to determine the outcome of attacks. Now, the M:tG think comes in in that you can mix and pieces from other sets to build a customized figure. I dont think there is rarity involved so that’s something anyway. They look kinda neat, maybe I’ll try and get the kids interested. Of course it would come on Cartoon Network when the kids are in the other room playing GameCube…

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7 Comments on Hasbros done it again

  1. Gamecube?? aren’t those going the way of the dodo, betamax, and honest politicians?? (which may have been lost along with the yeti)

    do they even make games for it now?

  2. You know that Ban Dai has just come out with a collectible chess game (Navia Dratp) that people are saying is pretty fun. Different pieces have different move capabilities. I don’t like chess, and so haven’t looked into it much at all.

  3. I hate you so much!

  4. I hate you so much!

  5. I hate you so much!

  6. Oh, come now “opra”, tell us how you really feel!


  7. [Comedy provided by SF Signal’s repeat-post comment page bug.]

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