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Holy Giant Cthulhu Statue, Batman!

Link via BoingBoing.

Not that I’m in favor of a new Cthulhu category or anything. Which I’m not. No…really. Beacuse then we’d have to have one for Wookies and Klingons and Zombies, etc. Don’t get me started on Gungans and Ewoks. It’s a maintenance nighmare. Although, I might go for a Klausner category where the world can air grievances over what is obviously a greedy ploy by unscrupulous publishers and booksellers to boost sales of otherise unnoticeable literary debris.

Not that I’m overracting or anything. Because people should take a stand against what is not right. Even if through the incorehent, albeit merlot-free, ramblings of a group blog author.

Not that blogging doesn’t provide a useful and powerful forum for expressing one’s views or anyhting. It does. It’s just that some people just use that power to do nothing else but post links to other stuff around the web. Like BoingBoing.

Not that SF Signal doesn’t do the same. Post in point.

OK. I’m done. You can go now. Move along.

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4 Comments on Holy Giant Cthulhu Statue, Batman!

  1. I think I’d rather have the $3,900. Grenadier did a much better rendition of Great Cthulhu for a heck of a lot less money (smaller scale, but it painted up nicely).

  2. Heck, I’d rather have the Medecine Weasel!

  3. And I wouldn’t mind seeing categories for Zombies and Cthuhlu. You don’t have to bother with Klingons, though.

  4. Yeah Klingons are kinda like Cthulu zombies anyways. And I am all over that medicine weasel…

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