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Kharmic Retribution

is what I am hoping to obtain, but unfortunately I am finding that I am a bit too evil. Basically I determined this by a general vote of folks I know, and my desire to get this game: Vivendi Universal Games: Evil Genius Its FLASH so watch at your own risk. The current trailer for the game is linked here.

But in the game you get to be like Dr. Evil and set traps and what not for them James Bond types. Personally I really like the shot of the spy in the giant mixmaster, but then again I am evil…

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  1. Update: The game went gold today. Joy!!! Avault had the news…

  2. OMG, that actually looks fun! Too bad it’s published by the vile Vivendi Universal people, the litigious gestapo oppressors hellbent on the vilification of file-sharing freedom.

  3. did i mention that VU is a french company?

  4. why is vivendi vile, besides being french? this is why.

    granted, the people in the article are probably guilty, but the tactics employed but these lawyers are just as vile…

  5. So Vivendi is evil for going after folks who allegedly stole from them – But does that diminish the work of the designers and programers and artists that created the game? What about the game itself – is it more crappy cuz Vivendi is publishing it?? If thats true then Diablo and Warcraft must totally suck – cuz you know Vivendi owns Blizzard.

  6. didn’t diablo and warcraft come out when it was still blizzard? you know, before the french bought everything despite their hatre of us?

  7. The point here was about the folks who made the game – not the publisher – next time I will just leave Vivendi off and maybe then you will see a cool game as a cool game.

    And Vivendi bought Blizzard before WC3 shipped….

  8. i never finished wc3, πŸ˜›

  9. Then you cut yourself short – its a great game. Blizzard makes great games – Vivendi boxes them up and distributes. There is a key difference…

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