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Mark Your Calendars

For March 2005 ’cause that’s when Jade Empire is targetted for release. To whet your appetite for this cool looking title, check out the Jade Empire Summer Video Preview from GameSpot.

Then check out the official site, then wipe the drool off your keyboard Tim!

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6 Comments on Mark Your Calendars

  1. bah, isnt this like an xbox only game??

  2. I got a drool proof keyboard – sort of a rinse and work model…

  3. Bah, yes, it IS an X-Box only game! You’re single and makin’ the big bucks – open that wallet of yours and GET ONE. Heck, if you stop going out for sushi at lunch, you’d save enough to pay for one in a week!

  4. I, unlike, all that technical ladder architects, do not make the big bucks. i’m going on two years without a raise, seeing my stock plummet, jobs are not nearly as easy to find (thanks to people who rape our high-tech industy of jobs, see my other comments) , etc.

    incidentally, i told you that i didnt go out for sushi because it was getting too expensive, i’m very hurt that you’ve, nonetheless, used that to make your point.

    but to rebutt your point, being single makes a console purchase especially meaningless because i’ll be playing games by myself so what’s the point.

  5. I guess that if you don’t have a console – then I think you are cutting yourself short. Game producers are expending far more resources in this arena than on the PC and many more games that come will be multiplatform – with the console coming first. There is a place for both systems in this world – sometimes I have a desire to play a single player game solo for the story – other times I want to frag some folks in a good old game of Counterstrike. Its the mix of gaming – as long as its good gaming that we should be looking for…

  6. my console days ended with the N64, i ran out and bought it the day it was available, and ultimately, i had 1 game in my entire collection. i hope it’s happier in its new home at Robert’s house.

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