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Neal Stephenson interview excerpts

Locus magazine online has some Neal Stephenson interview excerpts from the latest issue. I went ahead last week and took the Locus Magazine subscription plunge. I’ll let you know how it turns out. I also found a deal where they had a special offer to get the Alastair Reynolds back issue! Neat! (Although, the URL was not secure, so I wound up calling them directly where they happily gave me the offer over the phone.)

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4 Comments on Neal Stephenson interview excerpts

  1. Heh, he cut all his hair off. Maybe I’ll like the Baroque Cycle books better now.

  2. OK even though I didn’t like the ‘broke cycle’ I have to admit he’s still a good thinker and a funny guy. These excepts were good.

  3. Snow Crash is a marvel, I will definitely give these books a try.

  4. Be careful Rob,the Baroque Cycle books are nothing like Snowcrash. They run roughshod over the border into historical fiction…

    But I still liked the first one.

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